We are a community without financial barriers

city fringe meditation space aim is to provide meditation and personal-development seminars to the community with no barriers. We like to see that everyone can take as much benefit as they like by coming to the centre without there being any financial barrier to those who are limited in what they can give back and contribute. We offer therefore all our events on a donate as you feel basis, so everyone can give back based on the value received and based on each ones personal financial situation. We have faith that in our community some will give more to make up for what others give less. 

We are faced with the same overheads of rent and other program related expenses as a normal business providing courses and talks on a daily basis and for which many charge on average $25-35 per hour. Our business model relies on 100% funding via your contributions as well as the generosity of our volunteers and presenters who kindly donate their time. We have to be fully self sufficient as there is no extra funding coming from the outside like Brahma Kumaris Australia, as some of you believe. Our committed core team makes sure that any financial short fall is always taken care off to keep the program running.  

All donations we receive are a commentary on the generosity of our community. Every contribution counts and has an impact on our ability to continue to provide an excellent experience to our community that is you, our participants, regular student and presenters. Be part of a community, which will change the world through one act of kindness at a time. 

Your generosity matters
as we are 100% funded through your contributions.
Your ongoing support allows us to keep offering the programs you love and allows you to take continued benefit.


We have a new Online Donation Portal

We have embedded a new online donation portal powered by MoonCleark on our website, which will make it even easier for you to donate online. MoonCleark is fully secure and manages all payment details. You can perform as before One Time donations. The new portal additionally allows you to setup recurring donations with full control to change or cancel it at any time. You will always be in full control. 

Please check it out and let us know what you think. 

Program | June 2017

Dear Friends of the meditation space,

Please find attached our program of events for the month of June and a flyer to promote SAM.

This month we are continuing with the second session of SAM, a new empowering self-development group run by men for men, aiming to explore the spirit of man through informative dialogue, honest interaction and the silence of meditation. SAM - Spirituality and Men, meets on the first Wednesday of every month. This month's guest speaker is Daragh Byrne, who is a software developer and a meditation & yoga teacher. He will lead a personal exploration into the question 'why meditate?' to explore intent and  effort involved.
Daragh meditating.jpg

This month's Women's Empowerment Group on the last Wednesday of the month will be with Alexandra Luscombe, and her topic will be LIVING AUTHENTICALLY. Alexandra is drawing from a huge amount of diverse experiences. From a pre-school director to a fashion model, a national Business Development Manager for an IT-training centre in London, to studying Fine Art and fitness in New Zealand and Australia. Re-invention knocked on the door again, so she ran a research company as a project Manager to end up in the State public service within Executive Ministerial Services, economic and trade development. Then for 10 years she was the Manager of Investment Programs for NSW and Senior Manager Government International Relations and Key Business Events. She is presently working for the Parliamentary Services (Cabinet) and reviewing editing and managing policy distribution systems for NSW Health..... now that was a mouth full!

This month we celebrate the UN World Environment Day with a special meditation for nature and the UN International Yoga Day with a gentle Yoga Class with Carol.

Please also join us for the continuation of our new series on Thursdays 'Mindful Self-Compassion', which is a further development of the basic Mindfulness Training. With a loving attitude of self-care and the power of appreciation we can learn to coach ourselves. These sessions will cover how to discover your compassionate voice, to apply goodness and kindness, to face difficult emotions, to deal with challenging relationships and to embrace your own life. The Meditation sessions prior to MSC will be supporting the theme of the evening.

Wishing you an enjoyable month of June, cosy up and keep warm. We hope as always that this months' events will motivate and inspire you and look forward to welcoming you to the centre.
If you find these topics valuable, please share this information with your network. Kindly appreciated.

Love and Kindness
Warmly Conny
on behalf of the meditation space team

Season of Christmas time

Dear Friends of the meditation space,

We are welcoming the special season of Christmas time, a time of turning within and reflection, a time to connect with the Light, to co-create and walk towards a new time, creating my vision for a very special new year.

Enjoy the magic and wonder of this time. Open your heart to receive and give love.
A time of the confluence of the old and the new year - a time to go into silence, turning within to reflect and align ourselves to be able to focus on the creation of newness for the new year.

Our December program has been created with the thought, to give thanks, to express gratitude, to share and enjoy, to prepare ourselves to greet the Light of the new dawn of the new year and hope many of you can come to our Christmas Celebration on Wed 21st Dec.

Wishing you deep and meaningful experiences and golden blessings at this special time of year.

Enjoy and a warm welcome to any of the events or see you again in the New Year
Conny on behalf of the meditation space team