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Thanks very much Conny for a wonderful conversation night and the pdf. I left there feeling a lot happier! All the best
— Ricardo
It was a truly magical day! Thank you very much for your dedication Conny and Florian as well. Well done !
Enjoy tomorrow and may it be even more magical.
— Denisa
Interesting to explore the concept of myself and the other today. It reinforced my understanding that human beings are very complex and layered creatures and that more can be defined by a single story. Would have perhaps liked to have been taught some practical techniques on acceptance.
— Melissa
Labouring to the experiences often in dealing with the other – reflecting on my own experiences in that area
— John
Roger is totally awsome and has helped and touched my soul – thank you
Thank you Judith for a five-star presentation – Om Shanti
— Joe
The whole experience has been stimulating, a restoration of my faith that caring souls are at work in Sydney.
It has been wonderful to soak up the wisdom and energy of sensitive people. May the love and wisdom go beyond our choice of those in need. Thank you to those involved. May your grace and spirit be enriched by your generous actions.
— Anna
Thank you Judith for a great workshop – Om Shanti
— Vaskut
Attended workshop 1, excellent ideas to put into practice. Undergoing difficult situations at the moment, soon to change energy patterns ! Thank you
Very inspiring and energising. Its great to be part of such an amazing group of minds. It felt like a privilege to be there. Thank you to everyone who made it possible.
— Carlos
Inspiring – well organised , professional day, brilliant speakers, they opened my mind and serves to a huge progressive movement to improve our lives and awaken our inside.
— Gillian
A remarkable symposium which was beautiful and almost effortlessly.
Great great speakers. What an honour to have been part of this. Thank you for a lovely wonderful day.
I look forward to the next. Many thanks again
— Jacline
Excellent – meditative – useful life skills
— JIm
Great Day ! Very inspiring to listen to people’s experiences – wisdom. Lovely to feel ‘not alone’
Wonderful group of speaksers. Confirmed all my consciousness paradigms.
— Marie
Us God loving Raja Yoga vegetarian Indian music loving boys, really loved the afternoon.
— Kim & Babu
Beautiful energy – inspiring event, richness in thought, thank you for all these new thoughts !!!
I had a wonderful day and great for the soul. A huge line up of great speakers, and how good it was to meet
many of them in presence with their book signings. Food for thought on the day and the chance to take more
away to digest it. Many thanks to the organisers.
— Caroline
Dearest Conny, Infinite love & massive gratitude for such a divine week-end.
What Florian & yourself accomplished was a miracle in pulling it all together with power, purpose & participation.
Sweet memories & soooo many happy souls because of your commitment to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Thank you thank you thank you!
Sweet Blessings & Angelove
— Cimone-Louise
Once again millions of thanks for a wonderful day ! You are sensational, it was very well organised and moderated and with how much love and warmth it was all done. I shall see you soon.
— Elke
Thank you for hosting such a beautiful day yesterday! You did a wonderful job. You’re a gem!
— Warmly, Jono
It was good to see you, Susan and Ben and Spirituality and Happiology came across very well indeed.
I have learnt quite a lot today and revised a lot. As time goes by and one sinks in some aspect of one’s life, the scafolds of life are not thought about, talked about or shared and then you forget them tremporarily, thus allowing yourself into sadness or depression.
It was interesting to see a diversity of people and views.
— Alexandra
Thank you for the opportunity to meet others working in the same space.
Best wishes
— Anthony
Many many thanks to you also dear Conny, without whom the event would not even have been a whisper… I think you did a wonderful thing to offer this full program at such short notice and we never know which seeds are watered. I always love to work with you!!

Blessings of God’s love, and to Florian too
— Stephanie
Thanks to you Conny and Florian, it was a great pleasure to be with you.
I had the feeling I could have given so much more, but the place is for all and that gives the sense of unity, cooperation
and the people like to be part of such events. Merci to have organised that symposium which is a great task. I know the best of the best in all you do
— Francois (from Noumea)
Thank you for being the inspiration and energy behind the Synergy Symposium for 2 consecutive years now. Your wide and open approach help many to shift from body-consciousness to soul-consciousness. Your dedication to this important work is amazing and to be admired. It is because of souls like you that peace on earth will come. Thank you.
On a personal note, thank you for the invitation to share my experiences and insights. It is a joy to see the recognition light up in the eyes of the audience. You make it possible. All in all, it was great being with you both and with so many who have the interests of the planet and spirituality at heart.

Warmest wishes.
— Ben
We love you and Florian. You are both such beautiful people. This really struck me at the Symposium when Charlie was talking to me about the BK’s in Sri Lanka. May you both be richly blessed.
It just struck me why the BK’s are taking the world by storm (perhaps peace should take the place of storm !!!) A feminine energy has to make its entrance into this world if it is to survive and who better to do this than the BK’s. You give a power to the feminine and this power is LOVE and this LOVE (as though) uses the feminine in the relative. What beauty! What grace!

With gratitude and love,
— Susan
Very well organised session and comprehensive. I learned something – very good
— Mitrofanis
The most informativem diverse and encouraging combinations of presentations, congratulations and thank you
— Timothy
It is a very wonderful seminar. It has inspired me to have positive thoughts and very professionally organised and
implemented. Thanks
— Helen
Thank you so much for this opportunities to go deepen into the meaning of life..
— Camilla
Just wanted to say thank you very much for yesterday evening’s session (Stress Free Living). As with all the sessions at the Meditation Space, I took a lot away from it. Currently trying to define my purpose and to have it explained as a three step path – purpose, vision and mission – has certainly helped to direct my mind in the right direction. The slightly more tricky part is now coming up with the answer!
Wonderful to have the meditation center as a place to touch base with myself and escape the city pace – you’ve really created a beautiful spiritual space. Thank you and all your team.
— Kirsty
Very important topic. We discussed cultural diversity mostly and barely scratched the surface. There were still questions when we finished.
Please, more of such workshops
— Participant
I am still glowing; the atmosphere you both create is infussed with love. Thank you for including me.
— Anni, smiling
Thank you for providing the space, opportunity and expertise in Devorah and her facilitation to have a discussion on a pertinent topic.
I am so very grateful for today :-)
I must say that I came close to not coming but something pulled me to be here.
I got an answer today that I have been searching for since I was 19. I am 43 tomorrow :-)…
At 19 I left university as I felt I did not fit in – after doing exceptionally well at school … todays session started with a ‘square’ and ’round’ analogy and today I felt I have finally accepted why I was not ready back then but am now. “One Story” transformed into multitude was transforming – to be able to understand that that was why things were as they were and are so different now.
— Lila
I got so much out of todays Workshops !!! Really hugely eye opening and life changing. I thank both Cimone-Louise and Devorah for being so open and allowing the voice of difference to arise and yet all within harmony of the other and the self.
— Mariela
Thank you SO MUCH! The Symposium was extremely enlightening, heartening, timely and relevant to my current needs. A pity not as many people went to the workshops as the Saturday talks as the workshops were also a very beneficial adjunct in following up and facilitating further personal growth to translate Saturday’s information into action, which is really what we need in this world for leadership and courage. I doubt though that anyone who attended to any part of the symposium would have not walked away with something that was of great value to them and their life.
— Susan
Thank you for inviting me. It was my miracle that I could be there this year in good health and happiness.
I am glad you and others received my part well. I think its important to dignify the Divine, the Brahma Kumaris, all speakers and you and Florian.
— Devorah
Special loving remembrances especially on the 11 and 12 Nov. This is a very auspicious date and time in the cycle… . The love and good wishes have been reaching me and the heart says: “Wah Baba, wah Drama, wah what a wonderful family… . As I am dictating this message, I am remembering the full moon image and remembering you all. It is now the time to achieve perfection and become complete like the moon. The moon is high up above and yet clearly visible to everyone. You are all like the full moon, full of spiritual treasures, unlimited love and spreading waves of coolness in all four directions …
Loving remembrances to each one by name and specialtiy, In the remembrance of the One
— BK Janki
Dear Conny (and others involved in organising Synergy by Diversity)
I just want to thank you for the symposium which was held this past Saturday. I was thrilled to hear so many wonderful people speak about spirituality. There was some discussion about charging for events such as this, but I am grateful that this one was by donation. I probably wouldn’t have been able to attend otherwise, and I really needed to be there.
Thank you so much
— Kathleen
I want to thank you for organising and delivering such a brilliant symposium – congratulations. I can fully appreciate the huge amount of work and preparation that goes into making a symposium such a success.
Goon on you both, best wishes
— Gabrielle
Just thought I would drop you a line to say just how fantastic the Symposium was on Saturday – Synergy by Diversity .
Everyone seemed happy and calm. The inspirational talks from the members of the panels was enthusiastic and infectious .
Thank you for popping in a spot in to voice ‘Just This Day’ .
I felt that I was received so very warmly by your audience through your introduction – Thank you.
Your Charlie Hogg was a delight to meet. Great Crowd you have gathered together !
We would be very happy to contribute on any other occasion should you wish to invite us .
Many Thanks , Again , Conny.
— John Kearney
Conny, I congratulate you on a very successful weekend. I observed many volunteers working together for a common purpose.
Your leadership and vision is what made it work.
I somehow knew two years ago you would be my “guide and mentor”. I could not understand how meditation could be used to just switch off. I also could not understand people who told me they did it a few years ago and not now.
The intellectual construct and models that both you and Florian revealed to me really gave me food for thought.
I may not be fully aware but my emerging realisation is that meditation is the doorway to changing habits that do not serve me well ( ie my current prejudices and ego ). I have been trying to apply this over the past several years by not letting my ego dominate and trying to see other people’s points of view. In areas where I have had strong opinions my recorded message in my brain has been ” there are no right answers……. only different points of view.” It works some times and I know I have become more tolerant.

I will now spend some time reflecting on how I can break the MIND – ACTION – MEMORY cycle by taking time out to include the INTELLECT before I move into action. The reflection will be on the eight principles. The challenge for me is how I can meditate to enhance this journey.

I will look for a future opportunity to learn more about Raja Yoga Meditation.
My approach to consulting has always been to have a solid practical understanding of what I teach. I must walk the talk. I know we will meet again.
— Terry

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